Saturday, October 06, 2012

Weekendings, settling in

At the end of the week I balance work with play: the Thursday department tea; the German reading group; a second try at squash; a draft of a translation for my Greek presentation next Wednesday; fresh veggies from the Italian grocery; early Saturday breakfast with the ladies of 115 (i.e. my housemates); a homemade lentil loaf, white wine, and an evening of study and scattered conversation at the home of a new friend down the street.

I have more work to do than ever before, but I think was prepared for that. I expected the endless nights and blurry, anxious mornings.

What I would never have guessed is how happy I would be here and how at home


Lori said...

Feeling at home is the most wonderful feeling. I'm so happy for you.

The Autumn Rain said...

I miss you though!